Cross Country Haikus

A collaborative effort to entertain ourselves from California to New York.

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Let us write weird ass haikus

Instafamous yet?


Interstate Five South

Baker Beach sunburned butt cheeks

Coffee and aloe

Ass cheeks on fire

Sun bathing with no sunscreen

Now my skin just screams


Road trip health journal

Sausage egg cheese McGriddle

Bathroom next exit

Sunscreen chalky face

Left makeup bag in LA

Freckles no bronzer

California heat

Left my skin burning and beat

Aloe on repeat

Dr. Seuss desert

Salton Sea pink sunset haze

More guacamole

Joshua Tree up north

Underrated green chollas

Doing great sweetie

IMG_0986Bees in the trap/jeep

Scream and jump out moving car

Poor Anne, stung in hand

Joshua Tree horror

Two bees greet us in the jeep

No one hears our screams


Pink jeep versus us

Open road blue grass music

Black jeep always wave

Stop playing chicken

You girls are effed in the head

Oh, Route 66

Judgmental eyes stare

“Looks like you got too much sun”

No way you dumbass

Looks like too much sun

You girls want to flamenco?

Red Rock Loop for days

Sedona magic

Pink sunset on Hyatt Drive

You’re welcome so much

Leaving Sedona

No palms read but that’s okay

I shape my future

GOPR1084.JPGNo map, missed exit

One of us shit in the woods

Guess which one it was

Grand Canyon sunshine

Dances with red, purple hues

Capturing my soul

Purple red shadow

No photo with capture this

Hot crossed honey buns


Heat warning in place

Say goodbye to Antelope

And hello Horseshoe

Antelope Canyon

Heat warning let’s improvise

Next stop Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend sunshine

Dances with green and blue hues

Capturing my soul

Annie is cranky

Flaky face don’t make her laugh

Can’t smile hurts too much


North Arizona

Bleached grass, rocks turn red to white

Colorado next

Skin peeling away

The shade is where I belong

But eff it, hi sun!

Four corners three girls

You’re the missing puzzle piece

We miss you Mary

Longest day of the year

Four states and good company

Sun please don’t go down

I’m going the speed

Too lazy to shift to fifth

Pass me mofos


Colorado next

Mountains, adventure, and green

That’s all the girls need

Cholla and Chine

What are these words I’m seeing

Zappy dappy doo

Greasy fried fast food

Children in the casino

What has it come to


I’ll have the salad

Freshly picked served with dirt

Zippy zappy doo

Vegan food mile high

Your feet smell like wet dog/cheese

Bunny lead the way


Danyello summers

Deep dish pizza, Sprite I guess

Winston shake your butt


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